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Through 18 years of practice, I have developed a unique and efficient diagnostic ability that enables me to see what other professionals cannot. Knowledge, passion and accuracy allows me to take on the most difficult pain-related cases, and offer a cure where other professionals cannot

As a pain treatment specialist and certified naprapath, I always strive towards combining the best of what naprapathy, physiotherapy, chiropractic care and general medicine have to offer.


Prosell Pain Recovery System®

This is the core component in my pain therapy portfolio. It has been developed by employing a sophisticated framework based on principals in general medicine. 

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Prosell Athlete Performance Optimization®

As the name suggests, this system is mainly aimed at athletes who want to advance in their sport. It promotes strength, speed, coordination, endurance and reduced recovery time by increasing the athlete’s efficiency via a unique physiological calibration. It also leads to fewer reoccurrences by completely treating all injuries, even those difficult to detect. 

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Prosell Hamstring Recovery System®

This is a customized system for treating severe hamstring injuries, which are a common problem among soccer players and track and field athletes. It eliminates the type of hamstring ruptures that tend to return after traditional treatment methods, which often make athletes believe they are completely healed, leading to a premature increase in training intensity.

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